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Formulas: (listed by demand rank)

Indoor Water paint

Outdoor Water paint

Outdoor Wood & Bamboo 

Indoor Wood & Bamboo

Indoor Oil Paint

Outdoor Oil paint

Kyzox anti-mosquito paint additives

ANY Paint   ANY Brand  -  ANY Color  -  ANY Surface

-  Display box 22 bottles of 100 ml

-  Carton of 12 boxes

-  Dose 100 ml per Gallon of coating

-  Lasting. 3 years after coating 

-  Used ONLY in last coating

-  Storage 18 months

-  Storage after process. As the paint

-  Shipment 5 days after payment confirmation

-  MSDS: Safe Handling

-  COO: Philippines

-  HS Code 38.08


-  OEM branding on request

-  Sole Distributor Contract Available*                 *Depending region. Retails & Local Paint Manufacturers supply

Note: Moskiwalls has NO EFFECT on Woods & Bamboos Vitrification process

Kyzox anti-mosquito paint additives
AMPA 40 mix sachets display box.png


  • Two + three years Sole Distributor Contract
  • One 20 FT Container full loaded in products
  • FREE Freight cost
  • SIX Display rack 3 shelves
  • 10.000 brochures
  • + The great Support (in FAQ)
Because Your Success is Our Success
Kyzox anti-mosquito paint additives


Can I become sole distributor?

  • Yes, according your start capacity. Regional or Nationwide Distributor


What if I start as regional distributor and you give Nationwide to other?

  • You will start to purchase from them and during the 24 first months the Nationwide Distributor will offer to you the same deal as us as mentioned in your contract with us.


Can I become the importer only?

  • Yes, if you have distributor contract with a large established distributor


The invention is awesome but I don’t have the capital to start

  1. You can try to find investor

  2. You can present our product to an established distributor and get a commission from us.


What is the great support you offer?

  • We offer buy 1 get 1 free on the first order

  • We build Your own website

  • We Redirect to you all inquiry from your region

  • Regional Social Media Advertising budget 100 to 500 dollar during 6 first months depending your level.

  • According your result or first order, local TV/Radio advertising

  • Blast press release information to all media TV and newspapers in your region about the technology.

  • Local trade fair budget in cash or products

  • Customized packaging and brochures (in local language) with your company name as Sole Distributor


What type of company and name do I need to have or setup?

Best is to setup a activities with, import, distribution and sales licenses.

For Nationwide distribution and new company we recommend applying for “Kyzox” and name of the country. Ex Kyzox Panama


What legal document do you provide?

  • 1 year probation contract with sales result clauses automatically renewable to 5 years contract between your company and us if the first year was positive.

  • All European safety certifications regarding the products

  • Efficiency laboratory test and other classic documents such MSDS

Kyzox Country Sole Distributor Supply Sectors