Kyzox Technology developed the World's First Anti-Mosquitos Biocide additive for paint in 2012.


MoskiWalls is used by homeowners, architects, interior designers and paint contractors around the world with a rating success of 99.2% mosquito free zone on the third years of coating work.

Investment back guarantee, MoskiWalls is affordable with a extra cost of only 5% to 8% of your paint budget for 5+ years mosquito free zone without the need to buy weekly anti-mosquito.

Easy to Use, MoskiWalls can be use by professional or homeowner using brush, roller or paint gun

When mixed, apply the paint on the way you want

Safe - Efficient - Easy to Use - Affordable and Long Lasting made the reputation of MoskiWalls in a environment where mosquitoes borne diseases increases by 16% each year.*

* Sources. WHO/CDC

“After years of summers avoiding mosquito bites we received the gift to know MoskiWalls to finally enjoy our backyard" - Sam Davenport. Florida

“Young entrepreneur, I'm so thankful to one of our client who wanted us to use MoskiWalls when we decorated their new home. I discover this product and today i encourage our clients to use it” - Kevin Delgado. Philippines

“As new mother i decided to re paint our house using MoskiWalls paint and i do not need to use anti-mosquito anymore” - Michelle Belin. France


 Kyzox Technology Ltd. England


MoskiWalls last for more than 5 years


MoskiWalls is Formulated in France

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